If your company joined as member of the General Affairs and Personnel Consultation (Soudanshitsu) service, your company will be able to access our website for our legal documents, glossary, and Q&A. In addition, your company will also be able to browse and download data from past newsletters, and also ask questions and consult with us regarding to General Affairs and Personnel Consultation by e-mail. Our experienced consultants will respond to your questions. Should you have any questions or interested to join our General Affairs and Personnel Consultation (Soudanshitsu) service, please kindly contact us via our inquiry form.

What will you get as Member?

Consultation by Email
Consultation by email without limitation in frequency.
24-Hours response
Accepting consultation not only on labor matters, but also on shareholding, licensing, business expansion, and other matters
Accepting consultation in 3 languages (Indonesian, Japanese, and English)
Responded by our trusted, well-experienced consultants
Regular Corporate Document Service
Providing assistance in reporting procedures or renewal process for company documents as follows.
Wajib Lapor Ketenagakerjaan
Wajib Lapor Perda
RUPS Tahunan
Labor-related Document Review or Assessment
Providing review on labor-related documents.
Company Regulation or Collective Labor Agreement
Employment Agreement
Providing basic analysis of HRGA and labor-related Company documents
Class/Seminar/Webinar on Labor Matters
Provide explanations on various themes according to the period and current trends in the companies.
During sessions, each company may share opinions and views with the consultants or other companies
We are currently providing not only regular seminar (face-to-face meeting) but also Webinar
Direct (Face-to-face) Consultation Meeting
Face-to-face consultation with a consultans professional in the relevant subject matter.
Provide in 3 languages (Japanese, Indonesian, English)
If necessary, legal assistance by lawyer is also possible
Consultation by chat
Provide through a separate group chat between your company and our consultant team, using LINE or WhatsApp
You may contact us anytime
Provide in 3 languages (Japanese, Indonesian, English)