※ Package on Indonesia Investment Process

Establishment Support:

Company Establishment

Providing support from making the Deed of Establishment, registration at OSS, to obtaining business license.

Representative Office Establishment

Providing support on establishment for foreign representative office, trading company, and construction company.

We provide connection to trusted agents for work and stay permit for expatriates, business visa, and many others.

Labor System Support:

※ Support on Administration Procedural/Licensing Procedures

It’s only natural that the licensing procedures in Indonesia is carried out in Indonesian, hence reporting to the Japanese higher-ups may be difficult, especially when there are documents needed to be signed.

Therefore, we offer support in Japanese from registration process until the licensing documents are obtained.

We also provide Japanese translation for the documents from application process to the obtained license.

Administration and Licensing Procedures:

Document Amendment


Amendment of Deed (capital increase, change of board of directors and commissioners, change of business field, and other kinds of amendments)


Changes in Company/Representative Office documents related to Change of Head of Representative Offices or other managerial change.
Renewal, Change, and Procedural Process on Licensing necessary to the business field.
Providing support on Report and Renewal for company documents that need periodic reporting and renewal.

Administration Procedural Support

We provide support package including handling periodical procedures such as change of directorsm annual general meeting of shareholders, and licensing related to bussines change (capital increase, bussines field expansion, and branch office establishment).

Administration Procedural Support:

Change of director, commissioner, or head of representative office.
Change of company domicile.
Capital increase/decrease.
Business field expansion.
Branch office establishment.
Adjustment of Indonesian Standard Bussines Classification (”KBLI”).
Annual general meeting of shareholder.
Amendment on Article of Association.
Obtaining a TIN for company.

Construction Service Licensing Consultation

We provide full assistance from detailed business consulting to document preparation, making registration documents, managing schedules, and obtaining Contruction Services license and permits.

Support for Obtaining Construction Service License and Permits:

Business Entity Certificate (SBU).
Verified Standard Certificate.
Work Competency Certificate (SKK).
Foreign Construction Workers Competency Equalization

Support on PGA System Process

We provide support starting from making of PGA system to the fulfillment of obligations determineted in the laws and regulations.

We have assisted multiple Japanese companies from various business field, and thus we hope our vast experience may bring benefits to your company.

PGA Documents Package:

Providing support on making Company Regulation or Collective Labor Agreement.
Providing support on making Wage Table.
Drafting human resources and general affair-related documents.
Providing support on BPJS programs (Labor and Health) registration.
Providing support on payroll-related matters.

Company Assessment

Countermeasure taken after problem arose must be time-consuming, costly, and tiring. We believe that Company Assessment is the way to prevent such thing from happening.

Not only to assess the current condition of your company, we will also provide you with suggestions and input to improve and correct existing errors from the perspective of labor matters and general affairs.

Company Assessment Support:

We will conduct an analysis of about 50 types of company documents including personnel, labor matters, general affairs, and permits related documents that must be owned by the company based on laws and regulations.
# Overall/Complete Assessment
# Simple Assessment
# Labor Matters-related Document Assessment
# # ※ Under correspondence with Labor Office.

Dispute Settlements

Labor disputes can occur with one person or a thousand people. A dispute with one person is not necessarily easy, and a dispute with many people is not always difficult to solve.

If you are facing the dilemma, “Our company has problems, but we don’t know what should we do?”, no need to hesitate to contact us! We prioritize settling the dispute as quick as possible.

Dispute Settlements:

Dispute due to work/employment agreement
Assisting response to Labor Union.
Fraud within the company.
Other disputes and support on dispute settlements in broader scope as well as more specific.
Support on dispute settlements is provided through collaboration with our lawyer.